The key to a successful corporate brand-positioning programme is having a full understanding of what sets a company apart from its competitors and defines its distinctive character. SAHARA uses a holistic methodology that combines academic insight with real-world experience across numerous industries and product categories.

We begin with an analysis of the competition and the equities upon which the brand will be built. We evaluate how different audiences perceive a company and recommend strategies that can improve or enhance those perceptions. We also help our clients achieve differentiation that resonates with stakeholders and sets them apart from their peers. SAHARA’s monitoring platform “Media Observer” covers all types of print media (newspapers, magazines), in addition to websites, social media, TV and radio. The services we provide include documentation, content, analysis and immediate translation of various publications whether local, regional or international.

By categorising the coverage by subject, industry, size, geography and publication, SAHARA then provides an interactive platform for our clients to manage their account and preferences through our website. Our partner company, Nine71, is a talent management company based in the UAE. It knows the influencer market inside and out. Through Nine71 we are connected directly with the biggest talents in the Middle East region, from music to list celebrities, from comedians to artists. They make the perfect match possible through their close network of influencers and brands, and that’s when SAHARA uses its media network to collaborate for a successful joint venture.