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In today's world, you require someone to complete your job from A-Z, and do it properly
Our team didn’t rest during the Covid - 19 period. We had our people deployed in many areas, reminding the public about the first line heroes, the great healthcare facilities they can access, the success patient stories, giving aspiration and hope to the one they need.

CosmoSurge Hospital Jumeirah

Based on our suggestion, the opening ceremony was held sooner rather than later, to allow for the attendance of influencer Caroline Stanbury. The photo session was carefully engineered to highlight COVID-19 precautionary measures in place. Following the official opening, a number of other influencers were invited to promote specific departments

The opening of Medical Center in Shahama Abu Dhabi

We handled the entire opening of this facility, from concept to execution. This included Instagram stories and short video clips for social media platforms.

The opening of Breast Cancer Center at Al Zahra Hospital

We successfully handled the opening of Al Zahra Hospital’s Breast Cancer Centre, overseeing all timings and staging, and invited influencer Sheikha Hind Al Qasimi.

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