Workshops and Training courses

We have worth of decades of experience in civil engineering field, it was involved in academia and real technical applications. This experience can be easily translated to workshops and training courses to Engineers, researchers, and professionals in the relevant fields.

We provide workshops, tutorials and training sessions in many areas including Maintenance and Repair of Buildings and Bridges, Non-Destructive Testing of Concrete and Structure, Construction and Building Materials, Corrosion, Shrinkage and Deterioration, Durability of Concrete, Heritage and History, Asphalt Design and Mixes Engineering Education, Environment and Sustainability, Geology and Seismology, Planning and Construction Management.


As our experts were involved in organizing and attending over (100) workshops, conferences, and seminars on various scientific and engineering fields in reputable universities and organizations.

We have great relations with numerous experts in various fields.  We can organize conferences and seminars with various engineering, medical or social topics. As well to advice the most recent and emerging topics in these fields.

Agreements and Partnerships

Our relations and networking in the professional and engineering fields can facilitate establishing agreements and partnerships with local and international institutions including governmental entities.

Research and Education

Our experts have a great history in teaching and lecturing in the Academia for various civil engineering discipline.  Their expertise is supported with over (200) scientific publications in top journals and conferences worldwide.

We provide full-fledged research advisory services under engineering domain.

Our research services include the following:

  • Help students and researchers to find relevant scholarships overseas in their desired field.
  • Provide recent references and literature reviews on specific engineering topics and fields.
  • Advise on the most recent and demanded research topics in engineering fields.
  • Provide relevant case studies, especially in the civil engineering and maintenance domains.
  • Perform and help in laboratory testing and experiments.
  • Providing consultation on testing regimes and matrices
  • Statistical Data analysis using modern software’s.
  • Facilitate publication and reach out in journals, conferences, and local entities.


We offer highly advanced consultation services that provides solutions to modern engineering challenges.

Numerous technical advising services was provided on engineering domains such as Project Management, Quality control, Heritage Preservation and Restoration, Geotechnical Investigation and Foundation Design and over (100) Assessment and Repair consultancy service.

We provide advice and solutions that translates into specific guidelines and technical reports.